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Basic aspect of activity of the enterprise is processing of production from fibrous half-finished products into a cardboard and manufacturing of products from it.

Initial raw materials for manufacture is the paper for recycling. The paper for recycling is sorted, grinded down and cleared. Water moves to it in a stream. The composition of water and paper for recycling is made in a demanded interrelation and then moves to the machines PMK-24. Machines make ebb-tide of the cardboard. Then the cardboard is drawing off and moves to the presses. After the pressing process there is a cardboard drying in drying chambers SUR-4. After the drying the cardboard is passed by calender l-1, then there is sorting out on quality, pruning of the hems and packing in bales. Production is accepted by Quality Department, is packed and marked.

For the manufacture of cardboard and paper container are used the materials possessing sufficient hardness. The hardness is necessary for maintenance of packed production safety.